About Kim Perrotta

In the coming years, Kim plans to work with public health organizations, and other partners, to use health arguments to win policies and programs that reduce greenhouse gases and/or reduce the impacts of unavoidable climate change on human health.

Kim has a master’s degree in health science and 35 years of experience researching, analysing, promoting and implementing policies and programs that improve and protect public health and the environment.

She was the Executive Director for the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) from 2015 to 2019. She worked directly and indirectly for the public heath sector for 20 years – from 1995 to 2015 – with Toronto Public Health, the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA), Halton Region Health Department, the Healthy Canada by Design CLASP Initiative, and the Clean Air Partnership (CAP). She also spent 10 years working on occupational health issues with the labour movement in Ontario.

Kim has produced, edited and/or prepared over 30 health-based background reports, policy reports and toolkits on issues related to climate change, air pollution, land use planning, coal plants, school buses, and active transportation.

She has prepared more than 20 op-eds and many press releases, blogs and factsheets, and given many presentations and media interviews.

She has secured nearly $1 million in foundation/government funding for environmental health projects in her work with the OPHA, CAP and CAPE.

She has also managed many projects with multi-disciplinary and/or inter-jurisdictional teams and/or advisors.

See LinkedIN for more information. Check out her reports on this website. Contact her at kim.perrotta@cogeco.ca.